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Dr Victoria Pickering

(Founder & Director) 

Dr Victoria Pickering has over ten years of experience working in universities and museums. Most recently she was a Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Museum (Harvard University) in Washington DC where she worked as part of an innovative digital project highlighting the history and significance of plants for human societies.

This research grew from her time working at the British Museum and the Natural History Museum where her research centred on historical collections. She completed her education and training at Magdalen College, University of Oxford and the University of Birmingham, and she received her PhD from the School of Geography at Queen Mary University of London.  Victoria has authored and co-written numerous peer-reviewed articles and chapters while also disseminating her research to public audiences. Victoria has appeared on BBC Radio 2 and Canada's CBC Radio, provided voice over for museum app tour guides and curated the exhibition 'A Physician's Cabinet' at the British Museum between 2017-2018.

Contact Victoria directly at victoriarmpickering@gmail.com

Dr Victoria Pickering

Dr Annabelle Wilkins

(Research Manager)


Dr Annabelle Wilkins is a social researcher with particular interests in the question of how people create a sense of home and belonging in contexts of migration and mobility. Annabelle’s research spans the disciplines of human geography, anthropology, sociology and refugee history, and she has expertise in ethnography, in-depth interviews, archival research and visual methods. Most recently, she was a Research Associate on the AHRC Translating Asylum project at the University of Manchester, where she worked on a project exploring how refugees in Britain have been provided with language support, drawing on archival research and the oral testimonies of refugees and interpreters.


Annabelle’s interests in how ideas of home shift during migration were initially inspired during volunteer work with women-led organisations in Thailand, where she learned how women activists from Myanmar were negotiating new relationships with home as they studied and worked in borderland contexts. These interests were further developed during Annabelle’s doctoral research, in which she explored experiences of home and work among Vietnamese communities in East London.


Annabelle studied at the University of Bristol before moving to London where she completed a PhD from Queen Mary University of London in collaboration with the Museum of the Home. She has held post-doctoral positions at the Universities of Southampton and Manchester. Her research has been published as a book entitled Migration, Work and Home-Making in the City: Dwelling and Belonging among Vietnamese Communities in London (Routledge, 2019). In addition to being published in peer-reviewed journals, her research has been featured in publications including The Conversation and Refugee History. Annabelle particularly enjoys creative methods of dissemination, having contributed to exhibitions at the Museum of the Home in 2017 and the Refugees: Forced to Flee exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in 2020.


Contact Annabelle at bellewilkins@gmail.com 


London, UK 

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